Auxiliaries and Clear Aligner treatment

For information regarding Auxiliaries and Clear Aligner treatment, refer to the following steps:

NOTE: The term “auxiliaries” as used in orthodontic treatment with clear aligners refers to an entity or item that may be used in conjunction with clear aligners to enhance the movement of, or effect a change in, the teeth or skeletal components.

Some of the more common auxiliaries used in clear aligner treatment are:


1. Bonded brackets or buttons with elastics for:

  • Bite closure (open anterior bites, open posterior bites)
  • Extrusion
  • Rotations
  • Class II and III Corrections

2. Limited braces

  • Closing anterior and posterior openbites
  • Pre-aligner treatment in the late mixed dentition


3. Expanders for:

  • Skeletal expansion
  • Dental expansion greater than 3-4mm


4. Dimples made with pliers for:

  • Improving retention of the aligner
  • “Nudging” a tooth (rotations, tipping, torqueing)


5. Pontics when teeth are missing for:

  • Esthetics
  • To maintain space pre-restoration


6. Class II correctors and Molar distalizers


7. Temporary anchorage device (TADs)

Where a movement is not being achieved as desired or planned with the aligner alone, auxiliaries can help to effect the desired movement.


Auxiliaries can assist with the following movements:

  • Tipping

  • Torquing

  • Rotations

  • Extrusions

  • Space maintenance (aka "no movement")


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