How to Submit Cases with a 3M True Definition Scanner Tutorial

For this scanner, ensure you purchase the package (Advanced Data Plan) that allows the exportation of STL files.  If you don’t have this version, you will not be able to export STL files. Please contact 3M to find out what the  monthly fee is for this function.

Once you have this ability, it’s very simple.  

1. Scan the lower arch.

2. Scan the upper arch.

3. Scan the bite registration.  The bite scan is actually performed on both sides to ensure correct articulation.

2. After finishing the bite, the files will upload to the 3M system and you need to select "Prescription". 

  • In the "Date requested" field, choose the current date.
  • In the "Lab" field, choose: 3M ESPE-Doctor STL Only (No Models).
  • For the "Restoration" type choose: Models and Appliances. (Note: If any other indication is selected, the user has to complete 2 arch scans and a bite.)

3. To access/upload the STL files, you need to log in to the 3M Connection Center.

  • Under the tab "Cases" select the specific case by clicking on the case number.
  • Once in the selected case, select the tab "Files" and download the "Open STL" only to obtain the .STL files of the individual scans.

Note: The files will require a 3D viewer to see and manipulate them on your personal computer. These include the mandible, maxilla and bite.

4. You'll upload the files on ClearComm during the step of submitting a case that asks for PVS impressions or scans. You only need to upload the upper arch and the lower arch to ClearComm. The information for the bite scans is already contained in the files of the upper and lower arches. Just drag and drop the files.

Your scans should be uploaded at this point.

Important note:

If you scan just one arch of the bite, the arch scans will not occlude properly when we open up the files here at ClearCorrect.

If scans are submitted and they are incomplete or not articulated properly, you will be required to completely re-scan the patient (upper, lower, left bite, right bite). This is the only way to correct this issue.

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