We’ve Redesigned our Website

OCTOBER 23, 2014

Here's some pretty cool news: we've just launched our redesigned public website at clearcorrect.com.

Our old website was pretty hot stuff back in 2009, but it was definitely starting to show its age. Some of the most important functions (like finding a provider or requesting information) were buried deep within the site.

Now those links are front & center, and everything's easily accessible from just two friendly pages—one for patients, and one for doctors.

The site is responsive, so it looks good on all kinds of devices, from smartphones to big-screen displays. Patients can even use their GPS location to search for providers nearby.

For existing providers, we've added a quick shortcut to ClearComm right on the menu bar—just click the key icon to log in. (Of course, you can also just type dr.clearcorrect.com directly into your browser.)

The site includes testimonial videos and sliding before & after comparison photos, along with real case studies. We've also improved the experience for patients by filtering inactive providers (those who haven't submitted a case in over 6 months) from the doctor finder's search results.

This redesign is just the foundation—we plan to keep updating the site and adding more features over time. And, of course, we've also got tons of other resources available for doctors—like ClearComm, our helpcenter, our blog, our store, our YouTube channel, and our Facebook page. (Handy links to those, as well as our contact information, can be found in the footer of our website.)

Check it out and let us know what you think.

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ClearCorrect is a medical device manufacturer and does not practice dentistry. The treating physician is solely responsible for prescribing and administering orthodontic treatment. Clear aligner therapy is unpredictable. ClearCorrect does not guarantee a successful treatment outcome. Individual results will vary.

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