Digital Power Chain


A "power chain" is traditionally a piece of elastic that wraps around metal braces and pulls the teeth closer together.

If you request ClearCorrect's "digital power chain", we'll adjust our 3D model to lingualize all the spaced teeth by about 0.2 mm. There's no rubber band, but the effect is similar: the teeth are pulled closer together.


A digital power chain is used when: 

  • Patient has gaps (at the end of treatment or is anticipated to have gaps at the end of treatment)

How to...

A digital power chain is normally requested at the end of treatment.

  • To request a digital power chain at the end of treatment you would request it in a revision. If your patient's aligners are still fitting well, you don't need to take new impressions when you submit the case revision or refinement. 

You can also request a digital power chain when you are submitting your case.

  • To request a digital power chain at the beginning of treatment you need to specifically request it in the "Additional Instructions" section when submitting a case.
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