Engagers - Broken Templates



Engagers give the aligner extra leverage to complete difficult movements. We include an engager template whenever it's time to install engagers.

A broken engager template is just that; an engager template that broke!


Most of the time, the cause for a broken engager template is simply just an accident. Unfortunately, these things happen sometimes.  

Sometimes template failure is related to failing to apply Vaseline or other lubricant in the engager void and surrounding area. This has happened sometimes when excess primer ends up on adjacent teeth and ended up being bonded to the teeth. During removal the template tore apart.


If the engager template breaks, we'll be happy to replace it. You may call and place the order with us (and pay as needed). Or, fortunately, there is a quick & easy alternative that keeps your patients in active treatment:

Let's say that your patient is currently wearing step 2, and comes to your practice for his step 3 fitting appointment. As you prepare to place the engager, the template breaks.

Instead of waiting for a replacement template, just let your patient wear the step 3 aligners without engagers. Have your patient come back for another appointment two weeks later. There, you can use the worn-out step 3 aligners as engager templates for step 4.

A printable guide to placing engagers is available here.

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