Dimples - A Doctor's Tip for Finishing Cases with Difficult Movements

This tip comes from Dr. Clayton Floriani, who shares two methods to successfully finishing out a case with difficult movements without submitting a revision:

I bought a set of thermopliers to place a bubble in the aligner to give it an extra push. This helps, and usually keeps me from having to take a new impression.

You can find a wide range of Hilliard thermoforming pliers, and instructions on how to use them, on the Essix website.


Pictures courtesy of Bay Materials.

Dr. Floriani shares a second tip for preventing a refinement:

I have found that some final movements can be impeded due to the aligner plastic being too tight/thick in the embrasure space. I just thin the plastic out using a diamond bur in my high speed handpiece.

For example, if I am pushing the tooth facially, I'll thin the plastic out on the lingual embrasure so that the tooth has more room to move. This helps me get the contacts lined up.

Thanks Dr. Floriani!

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