IPR - Hand Stripping


Hand stripping is when you create needed space by manually using a diamond strip (as opposed to using a diamond disc). You can loosen things up by performing 0.1mm of IPR with diamond strips. This will give the teeth a little more room to move in order to complete treatment.


Hand stripping is used to: 

  • Break tight contacts
  • Create additional space (of 0.1mm) when needed

How to... 

Here is how to perform Hand Stripping:



1. Cut diamond strip in half. You will only need one half of the strip per procedure.


2. Gently move the strip backwards and forwards between the teeth along the contact area in a sawing motion. It takes roughly 8-12 motions, but ultimately depends on the patient.


3. Flip the strip over, and perform this action again, about 8-12 times. Rinse the area.


4. Take the 0.1mm gauge and place in between the two teeth to verify the correct amount of space. If the gauge does not fit in between those teeth, continue to file between the tooth surfaces until the desired result is reached.

You can order diamond strips (or a full IPR Kit) from the ClearCorrect online store

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