2016/2017 Event and Trade Show Calendar 

Here’s a look at the events and trade shows we’re planning to attend this year. Be sure to stop by our booth if you are in the area! Also bring your doctor friends and earn a $100 commission--once a new doctor registers and submits a case, you'll both get $100 off your next case!

ClearCorrect's 2017 Calendar of Events:

Yankee Dental Congress Booth #1540 Boston, MA - Jan. 26-28

AAO Midwinter Booth #305 Fort Lauderdale, Florida Feb. 10-11

Chicago Midwitner Booth #4247 Chicago, Illinois Feb. 23-25

PCSO Spring Booth #TBD Scottsdale, Arizona March 2-4

ADSO Orlando, Florida March 7-10

Pacific Dental Conference Booth #1704 Vancouver, British Columbia March 9-11

IDS Booth #60 Cologne, Germany March 21-25

Hinman Booth #11 Atlanta, Georgia March 23-25

AAO Annual Session Booth #2915 San Diego, California April 21-25

Smile Source Booth #TBD Nashville, Tennessee May 4-6

ODA Ontario Dental Association Booth #124 Toronto, Ontario May 4-6

CDA California Dental Association Booth #349 Anaheim, California May 4-6

The Dentistry Show Booth #H20 Birmingham, England May 12-13

ADC Australian Dental Congress Booth #171 Melbourne, Australia May 17-21

EOS European Orthodontic Society Booth #65 Montreux, Switzerland June 5-10

FNDC Booth #827 Orlando, Florida June 22-24

CDA California Dental Association Booth #TBD San Francsico, California August 24-26

RMSO Rocky Mountain Society of Orthodontists Booth #TBD Salt Lake City, Utah Sept. 8-9

CAO Canadian Association of Orthodontists Booth #TBD Toronto, Ontario Sept. 13-15

SiroWorld Booth #TBD Las Vegas, Nevada Sept. 14-16

AOS Booth #TBD Clearwater, Florida Sept. 14-16

SWSO/MSO/GLAO Booth #TBD New Orleans, Louisiana Sept. 14-17

SAO Southern Association of Orthodontists Booth #TBD Tampa, Florida Oct. 5-8

PCSO Pacific Coast Society of Orthodontists Booth #TBD Reno, Nevada Oct. 11-15

JOS Japan Orthodontic Society Booth #TBD Sapporo, Japan Oct. 18-20 

ADA American Dental Association Booth #2819 Atlanta, Georgia Oct. 19-21

SIDO Booth #12 Rome, Italy Oct. 19-21

DGAO Booth #TBD Cologne, Germany

MASO Mid-Atlantic Society of Orthodontists Booth #TBD Southhampton, Bermuda Nov. 2-5

MKS Booth #TBD Dallas, Texas Nov. 4-5

NESO North Eastern Society of Orthodontists Booth #TBD Boston, Massachusetts Nov. 9-12

Greater New York Dental Meeting Booth #TBD New York, New York Nov. 24-29

Japan Aligner Conference Booth #TBD Tokyo, Japan Dec. 7-8

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ClearCorrect is a medical device manufacturer and does not practice dentistry. The treating physician is solely responsible for prescribing and administering orthodontic treatment. Clear aligner therapy is unpredictable. ClearCorrect does not guarantee a successful treatment outcome. Individual results will vary.

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