Second Molars Missing


Second molars missing is just that - when the second molars have not erupted yet or are missing.


The cause for second molars to be missing, usually is simply that they have not erupted yet, in the case of a younger patient.


We do not recommend ClearCorrect for patients whose second molars have not erupted because they may have short clinical crowns and bite discrepancies which make treatment with clear aligners difficult.

In young patients, the teeth are still growing and shifting. Attempting to manipulate the teeth with aligners during this process could hinder growth and cause more problems than it solves.

However, if you want to proceed with treatment and a second molar is missing, our technicians can construct a “bridge” between the first molar and third molar. To avoid the potential super-eruption of teeth during treatment, we’ll try to ensure that the occlusal surfaces of all teeth are covered by the aligner.

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