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ClearCorrect is a medical device manufacturer . Treatment decisions and case diagnosis are entirely the responsibility of the prescribing doctor.

How long has ClearCorrect been around?

ClearCorrect was founded in late 2006. After two years of research and development, we received our FDA approval in early 2009. ClearCorrect aligners have been widely available in the US ever since.

How is ClearCorrect different from other clear aligner companies?

The first difference you’ll notice is cost. Our lab fees are up to 30% lower than our competitors, and things like revisions, refinements, and replacements are also lower than our competitors. (See our treatment options for details.)

Another difference is our system for shipping aligners. With our Unlimited case, instead of manufacturing all of the aligners for the case up front, we’ll send you “phases” of up to 12 sets of aligners at a time. Between phases, you can check the progress of your patient’s treatment and request revisions or refinements if necessary.

Compliance Checkpoints™ are another ClearCorrect-exclusive feature. At certain points in your patient’s treatment, you’ll be able to verify whether your patient is regularly wearing the aligner by checking to see whether certain teeth are touching. You’ll receive a treatment plan telling you when and where to check.

You don’t need to install specialized software to work with us — our treatment setups are web-based and should work in current versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

There are other minor differences, such as our simplified IPR (we only recommend IPR in increments of 0.1, 0.2, or 0.3 mm). 

You may also notice a difference in attitude between us and our competitors. We were founded by doctors, for doctors. Because of that, we’re always mindful that we’re here to serve you, not the other way around. We’ve never had quotas or ongoing CE requirements, and we don’t plan to start. We’re just a dental lab — we’re not interested in telling you what to do.

Is ClearCorrect a system only for anterior teeth?

No, ClearCorrect is an advanced system of clear aligner therapy that uses the latest digital technologies, design and clinical approaches to treat various types of malocclusion, ranging from simple to advanced extraction and surgical cases depending on the knowledge and expertise of the doctor.

Where are ClearCorrect aligners made?

We fabricate your aligners and answer your calls right here at our headquarters in Round Rock, Texas. 

What are ClearCorrect aligners made from?

ClearCorrect aligners are made from Zendura® plastic which has been specially formulated for ClearCorrect by Bay Materials. It is a polyurethane resin that has been crafted and tested extensively to make it a superior plastic for clear aligners: it leads the class in stress retention, crack & impact resistance, clarity, and stain resistance. And, of course, it has been thoroughly tested for biocompatibility. 

Until 2012, Zendura was only available for use by ClearCorrect. Now, this aligner plastic is available for purchase at a special discounted price for ClearCorrect providers.

Do ClearCorrect aligners contain BPA or phthalates?

No. Our aligners are made without BPA or phthalates, and have been approved by the FDA.

Is ClearCorrect environmentally-friendly?

Yes. We use recyclable materials in our manufacturing and packaging, and ClearCorrect participates in recycling programs. Our aligners are shipped in bags made from biodegradable plastic.

Are ClearCorrect aligners safe for pregnant or nursing patients?

As stated in our material information, our aligners are free from harmful chemicals and do not pose a significant risk to the patient's health. However, as the doctor, we leave the treatment decisions up to you. We are committed to providing all the information available on our aligner plastic so that you and your patient can make an informed decision together.

How clear are ClearCorrect aligners compared to the competition?

The clarity of our plastic is roughly equivalent to our competitors’, and thanks to our unique manufacturing techniques, ClearCorrect aligners have fewer visible marks than other aligners. From a normal viewing distance, people will rarely notice that your patients are wearing our clear aligners.

How comfortable is ClearCorrect compared to the competition?

We believe that our clear aligners are among the most comfortable in the industry. Similar to braces, if aligners change too abruptly between steps, they can cause unnecessary discomfort. ClearCorrect aligners employ a unique system which balances patient comfort and treatment time. Generally, no individual tooth will be moved more than 0.3 mm per step, and we recommend a two-week wear time for each aligner to allow for complete adjustment.

With ClearCorrect aligners, how extreme can you go in the overall treatment plan?

ClearCorrect is an advanced system of clear aligner therapy that uses the latest digital technology, design and clinical approaches. ClearCorrect aligners have been used to treat a wide range of types of malocclusion, ranging from simple cases to advanced extraction and surgical cases, along and in conjunction with other techniques. Success will depend on the expertise of the doctor, the compliance of the patient, and biological factors. 

How much arch width expansion do ClearCorrect aligners provide?

This very much depends on the patient and what type of expansion has already been done (rapid vs. slow expansion and if the expansion as already maintained for any length of time). The amount of expansion depends on many patient related factors, such as; the original buccal-lingual tip of the teeth, the amount of alveolar bone around the teeth, the gingival biotype, age of the patient, recession, type of crossbite (if any) and occlusion. 

Generally, about 3-4mm of expansion measured at the canines is about the limit of what can be done with aligners.  This is a generalization only and depending on the patient variables listed above, may be more or less. Additionally, compared to other aligners the extended trim line and material stiffness of Zendura allows more cross-arch stability and is able to retain expansion adequately.

Does ClearCorrect have submission quotas?

No. We've never required our providers to submit a certain number of cases per year, and we never intend to. We include all ClearCorrect providers in our website's "find a doctor" section, regardless of the number of cases they've submitted.

Is training a requirement?

No, we do not require training. If you have no experience with clear aligners, we recommend you take a course on clear aligner therapy. For doctors with some experience and are just being introduced to ClearCorrect, we offer basic training in the Get Started section.   

Does ClearCorrect have annual CE requirements?

No. Once you’ve completed initial training, any additional continuing education is strictly optional.

Do I need to stop offering other brands of clear aligners?

No. As a ClearCorrect provider, you’re free to use any product or service from any lab you wish.

Where is ClearCorrect available?

ClearCorrect is currently approved for use in the United States and its territories and we've recently opened up in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom.

How much should I charge my patients?

Pricing for patients is determined individually by each provider. A couple tips for you on this:

  • We strongly suggest that you quote a price for the patient based on: Complexity of case, Length of case, Any known patterns of compliance with patient. With the inclusion of: revisions, retainers, replacements, your chair time, and material costs. 
  • A common rule of thumb in the industry is to charge at least 4–5 times your lab fee.
  • You’ll need to take the demographics of your area into account and find a price that works well for you.

Will I receive a ClinCheck®?

ClearCorrect’s equivalent to a ClinCheck® is called a treatment setup. It’s a PDF document containing 3D models of your patient’s teeth before and after treatment. It includes images of every step in the treatment, provides an estimate of the number of steps and the amount of IPR that will be required (if necessary) and where engagers are located. 

What is ClearComm?

ClearComm is our website for providers. It’s located at Currently, you can use ClearComm to approve treatment setups, print shipping labels, download forms, and update your contact information. We plan to add additional case management features over time.

Which classes of occlusion can be treated with ClearCorrect?

All classes of occlusion can potentially be improved with clear aligner therapy, although we can never guarantee a perfect outcome. You can determine whether clear aligner therapy is recommended for a patient by evaluating the overall treatment goal, the types of movements involved, and the condition of the existing dentition. See our Case parameters for more details.

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ClearCorrect is a medical device manufacturer and does not practice dentistry. The treating physician is solely responsible for prescribing and administering orthodontic treatment. Clear aligner therapy is unpredictable. ClearCorrect does not guarantee a successful treatment outcome. Individual results will vary.

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