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Are there any coupons or discounts I can use, now or in the future?

Coupons are by no means a regular thing. If we are offering a coupon or discount it is usually only in effect for a limited time and you will normally be notified by email about the special offer. If you aren’t receiving these announcements, you can have your name added to the list by contacting a support representative who can assist you. Prices will not be adjusted to honor previous or outdated merchandise coupons distributed via email, mail, tradeshow, or otherwise.

Invisalign gives some merchandise for free. Why don't you?

Instead of charging you more for each case you submit (we have lower lab fees), we charge you separately for merchandise whenever you need or want it.

Can I buy Zendura from the manufacturer at a cheaper price?

Bay Materials manufactures Zendura, the only plastic that we use and offer for purchase. We offer Zendura packs at a 10% discount off of suggested retail.


What is the merchandise return policy?

We will accept any unopened or unused merchandise items within 30 days of original purchase. We will refund the money back to the method of payment, but the item will need to be sent back to us before we process the return. Please see the return policy as posted in the online store for further details.

I opened my IPR/Trim kit. Can I return it?

We will accept it back for the full refund as long as all the items have not been opened. If any of the items have been used, we will give a partial refund.

I opened and used a sheet of Zendura. Can I return it?

We will accept it back for a partial refund. The refund amount will be mathematically figured based on how many sheets were used and how much you were charged.

Can I get a shipping label to return an item?

Yes. You can contact a support representative to request this.

Can you send an item 2-Day-Air or Next-Day-Air?

Yes. We can do this if necessary. Contact a Support Representative and they can assist you in getting this arranged.

Merchandise Education & Care

Why do the Diamond Discs say ".10mm" on the packaging, but you say that it makes .2mm of IPR?

The single-coated diamond discs have a diamond coating of .10mm thickness on the surface of one side. However, the force of the spinning diamond disc against the mesial and distal sides of the adjacent teeth create extra pressure on the diamond-coated side, which creates more space than .10mm.

Why does the Dual-Coated Diamond Disc say ".15mm" on the packaging, but you say that it makes .3mm of IPR?

The dual-coated diamond disc has a diamond coating of .15mm thickness on the surface of each side. When the you perform IPR, it will leave a space of .3mm. (.15 + .15 = .3mm)

Can you autoclave/clean IPR items? Can I use them multiple times?

Yes. All IPR items are autoclavable and are meant to be used multiple times.

Can you reuse diamond strips? 

You should cut a single diamond strip in half to use in two different procedures. Technically, the diamond strip is autoclavable, but it may not hold up during the process because it is a thin piece of metal. Also, the diamond grit is supposed to wear down like sandpaper when used. The material is not meant to be re-used; it would not be effective otherwise.

Can you autoclave/clean trimming wheels?

Yes you can, however the brushes may not hold up well in the rigorous autoclaving process. We suggest sterilizing them without an autoclave.

Are the items that come inside the IPR/Trim kits sterile?

Everything inside of the IPR and Trim kits comes sealed by the manufacturer and has not physically been touched in-house. However, we cannot guarantee that they are medically sterile inside their package, so you should sterilize each item before use to be safe.

Marketing Items

Do you have marketing materials in Spanish?

Not yet. If there is enough demand, we may begin offering Spanish marketing materials in the future.

Do you have marketing items representing an older demographic?

We do not have any printed promotional material representing an “older” demographic. However, we do have two patient testimonials in our Help Center from adult patients that you may show to your prospective patients.


Should I use the banner I purchased from you indoors or outdoors?

These banners are meant for outdoor use. They are made of durable coated plastic that will hold up in the elements. They also have metal grommets in the corners to help you hang the banner.

How long does it take to receive my custom banner?

You should expect 2 weeks for the approved banner file to be printed and shipped out to your practice. Turnaround time between revisions is 1-2 business days.

Can I put my practice logo on my custom banner?

Yes. We require a high-quality PDF or EPS file of the logo (1MB+ in size, generally) in order for the design to print clearly on the banner.

Can you design my custom banner before I pay for it?

No. We will not begin work on a custom banner until payment is made in full.

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