How to Submit Cases with an E4D (PlanScan) Scanner Tutorial

Here are some basic instructions on how to submit cases with an E4D PlanScan Scanner. If you would like more detailed instructions, click here.


  1. Scan Prep: Scan Maxillary arch.
  2. Use the Eraser tool to remove excess data.
  3. Scan Opposing: Scan Mandibular arch.
  4. Scan Buccal: Scan a quadrant buccal bite.
  5. Verify buccal alignment, and re-align if needed.

Verifying the appropriate amount of scan data will ensure a better fitting appliance.

Note: Scanning must be started on the same side for all 3 scans.


1. Open the patient file and navigate to the CAD/CAM module. Single left-click the desired case folder to highlight it.

2. Click 3D Model Export. In the new dialog window choose where to save the STL files.

Note: It may be easier to create a folder on the desktop of the E4D scans dedicated for file exports.

3. In ClearComm, indicate that you are uploading E4D Scans so we will know which type of scanner you’re using.

Note: We need articulated scans of both arches—even if you’re only treating one arch.

We only require the upper and lower arch scans because the positional data from the occlusal scan is embedded in the upper and lower files themselves. We know that some scanners generate three files, but since all the pertinent positional data is included in just the two, we don't need the third.

4. Drag and drop your saved STL files into the grey drop zones to upload them or click the file selection links.

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