Cases - When they Open and Close

Your cases are opened and closed in specific circumstances. Below you will find the conditions under which your cases are "open", when cases will be cancelled and when they will close.

Cases are considered active (or “open”) from the time of submission until they are closed.

Cases will be closed if you request a retainer for the case, or 90 days after the patient is projected to finish wearing the final step (based on the ship date of the final step and the wear schedule for the case), whichever comes first. 

Can I re-open a closed case?

Yes, as long as the case has not exceeded 5 years. There is a fee assessed for revisions and for retainers, see our Terms & Conditions for details.

1. Click on your ‘Closed’ tab to locate the patient’s case.

2. Open the patient’s case page.

3. You will see your options to revise or request retainers for your patient.

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