Aligner Wear Schedules

The wear schedule you give to your patient is entirely up to you. You’ll be able to request a 3-week, 2-week, or even 1-week wear schedule, and dispense as many aligners as you see fit at each appointment. We recommend that your patient wear each set for at least two weeks.

If you do not select a wear schedule when submitting your case, it will automatically default to the recommended 2 week wear schedule.

The aligners usually move teeth within 2-4 days of 22 hour-a-day wear.  After the aligner has lost most of its resilience to move teeth, it will act as a retainer to allow the periodontal ligaments to catch up.

One knowledgeable orthodontist relayed that in his experience with aligners he has yet to have a case that ended up with root resorption after aligner treatment and most of his cases were on a 2 week wear time. 

The decision of 2 or 3 week wear time is a decision that you’ll need to make depending on the circumstances with your patient.  

Can I change my patient's wear schedule?

To request a change in wear schedule you'll need to contact Support either by phone, email, or by sending us a chat.

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