How to Submit Cases with a Motion View Ortho Insight 3D Scanner

With the Insight 3D Scanner, cases are saved as an STL file to your desktop.  We suggest creating a desktop folder named “exported scans”, or something similar with the patient’s name part of the saved STL file.  You will then upload the scans directly via ClearComm when submitting the case.

Here is the procedure:

1. With the Ortho Insight 3D scanner, you can either scan a PVS impression and convert it to a digital model or scan a cast model directly.

2. Save the scanned model to the patient of record.

3. Then select the “Tool” tab at the top left of the Ortho Insight software.

4. Then select “Export Series…” as one of the tab options on the screen.

5. Next select “Export to an open 3D file format” as one of the radio dials.

a. Select under “Choose which open 3D file format to us:” Sterolithography File Format (*.stl)

b. Select under “Choose which coordinate system to use:” Ortho Insight 3D.

6. Click “Save” and select the folder on your desktop titled “Exported Scans.”

7. Log into ClearComm and go through the regular steps of submitting a case. Once you’re on the page that asks for impressions or scans, choose the option “Motion View” and then browse and go to the local disk C or the file you created for exported scans.

8. Go to the exported folder and you should see the scan (and your patients last name if you renamed it). There are two files to upload, one for the upper and lower arch. We only require the upper and lower arch scans because the positional data from the occlusal scan is embedded in the upper and lower files themselves. We know that some scanners generate three files, but since all the pertinent positional data is included in just the two, we don't need the third.

9. Sometimes it can take a few seconds for the scans to upload but eventually they should.

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